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Canadians obsessed with Cheez-It*
Cheez-It* seen in arms of generic Canadian celebrity.
Unrest grows as demand for Cheez-It* increases.
Canadian snacks feeling threatened with Cheez-It* expansion.
Cheez-It* makes a crunch in Canadian market.
Customs discovers millions of dollars of cheese smuggled inside snack.


what kind
of music
does cheese
listen to?
R & Brie

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snapd jalapeno jack



Cheez-It SNAP’d* Jalapeño Jack Flavour Crackers

Heaters gonna heat, cheesers gonna cheese. When you’re in the mood for a baked snack with a spicy kick and made with real cheese, reach for a bag of Cheez-It SNAP’d* Jalapeño Jack Flavour Crackers. You’ll love the way these crave-ably crisp and irresistibly cheesy snacks make your taste buds dance. Yes, dance.

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